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Our company was established in the year 1984 and since then the founder and subsequent generations have worked hard to become one of the leading manufacturers and Engineering Cutting Tools in India. We have successfully and satisfactorily met the machining requirements of various Auto Component manufacturing industries and have provided them cost effective solutions to the customer's need.

Our aim is to deliver internationally acceptable quality products and therefore we stringently follow the laid industry manufacturing standards which has given our establishment respect and credibility among our customers. We strive hard in keeping ourselves updated with latest innovations in market and in implementing the best of technology for product manufacturing.

From a humble beginning we have now a turnover of over Rs.1500 Lacs and we are determined to provide customized range of Profile Cutters, Reamers, End Mills, Drills etc to our valuable customers.

We are reasonably flexible in our minimum order quantities and try our best to keep our customers comfortable which has made us a popular name in the Indian and overseas market. With a sincere and sustained perseverance to understand customer needs and demands and successfully providing customised solutions we have made our “TUFF” Brand a trustworthy brand among customers. Although you will find that our pricing is not the lowest, the quality of our tools quickly make customers forget about the price. An educated machine shop owner will gladly pay a higher price for a tool that will increase his profits greatly.

Our higher priced tools pay for themselves very quickly in higher profits from each machine. We have worked many years to develop tools that cut much better and longer than the other tools in the market. To constantly meet the ever increasing demand in the auto component industry, we are continuously building and upgrading our infrastructure to make it robust to make a mark not just in the cutting tools industry but also in auto component manufacturing industry.

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